DCTH 2012


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Proceedings of the ANEMO Consensus Group – Palermo 18-20 ottobre 2012

  • ANEMO: a multidisciplinary approach for reducing patients exposure to allogenic blood in orthopedic surgery

Proceedings of SIdEM-ESTM Symposium – Palermo 18-20 ottobre 2012

  • Origin and aims of the ESTM (European School of Transfusion Medicine)
  • Therapy of hemoglobinopathies: update
  • Allogenic bone marrow transplantation for patiens with thalassemia major
  • Gene therapy for b-thalassemia syndromes
  • Update on red blood cell alloimmunization in sicke cell disease and thalassemia

Proceedings of SIdEM-GITMO Symposium – Palermo 18-20 ottobre 2012

  • Transposition of standard JACIE in the laboratory of manipulation
  • A-HPC collection: large volume or tailored procedure
  • Flow citometry strategies to evaluate cryopreservation efficacy
  • Introduction of the JACIE standard in the PBPC collection facility
  • CD34+ mobilization and pbsc apheretic harvest in multiple myeloma patients at first mobilization attempt: variability in results among different centers
  • Plerixafor (Mozobil) and other mobilizing agents
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